Saturday, October 2, 2010

Welcome to October lunch!

Yesterday being October 1st I decided to get in the Halloween spirit.  My son loves Halloween, I'm sure that thrills my big sister to no end if she's still reading my blog, Halloween is her holiday, she gets into it.  In all honesty it is my least favorite holiday.  But to encourage my sweet boys love of all things spooky I picked up some cute trinkets at the craft store to dress up his lunch.

We have a spoooooky bat holding one kiwi together and another keeping his green olives in line and two Halloween themed muffin cups with soy crisps in one and two muffins in the other.  He LOVED it.  He didn't see the lunch when I was making it or in the morning so when he opened his box at lunchtime he was so happy to find these Halloween decorations.   He's already asking me for Thanksgiving themed lunches next month! 

Another fun lunch box surprise was his checker board apple.  I found this blog from the links on the What's for Lunch blog.  Paulo was looking through the submissions and the apple caught his eye.  He immediately asked me to recreate it.  After a quick Q to the original creator of the apple I set to work with a knife and created this:

Totally adorable, only took a few extra minutes and it made for a very happy 1st grader!

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