Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When life hads you green tomatoes...

Make salsa!  Portland had a terrible growing season this year.  I had two tomato plants in my back yard and they did not offer up much ripe produce.  It was very disappointing.  We basically had a never ending Spring.  We finally gave up hope and cut down the plants a week or so ago but Rene found these five nicely formed, but green, tomatoes and brought them inside.  I put them in the window and one of them actually ripened, the other four stayed stubbornly green.  I know there are plenty of recipes for green tomatoes, Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my all time favorite movies, but I try to stay away from frying-the hot oil intimidates me.  We do however eat a lot of salsa....

Here we have my four pitiful green tomatoes, one serrano chile, three cloves of garlic and a handful of cilantro.  All of those went into the VitaMix along with a healthy sprinkle of salt and became:

Quite a tasty salsa!  I'm not sure now flavor wise what is the difference between tomatillos and green tomatoes, I do think this salsa has a somewhat tarter flavor to it, but it's only slightly different than the green salsa I make with tomatillos.  Regardless, we all liked it and I don't have to stare at unripe tomatoes while I do the dishes anymore, win/win!

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