Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Here we are, the end of another year.  It's been a very busy year too.  There have been a lot of changes in the ol' Rodriguez kitchen, the biggest being Paulo's wheat allergy diagnosis.  I've had to learn to bake and cook in a whole new way.  It has gone well though, I would say he's happier and I know he's healthier, so all of the work is 100% worth it.

I often find myself making food resolutions come the New Year.  In the past there has been to rid the kitchen of artificial dyes, there was also the year of no HFCS.  This year is no different I have my food goals which I will happily share with you!
  1. I want to learn to make an awesome pot of soup, feel free to forward me recipes that you love!
  2. I will experiment with one cake recipe a month until I find the one I, and Paulo, love the best.
  3. I will continue experimenting with vegetarian and vegan cuisine, trying at least one new recipe a month, while keeping my old favorites in the weekly rotation. 
  4. If I buy it, I eat it!  I despise throwing out food that went bad.  I feel so guilty!  To do this though will require renewed dedication to meal planning and also being more realistic in what I buy.  It doesn't matter if the kale is a great price if I can't finish the bunch(es) before it turns! 
I want to focus on planning ahead and making my life easier.  These last couple months in particular have been extremely hectic both personally and professionally, and I know that if I can save a few minutes in the kitchen every day I can find some of that downtime I'm desperately seeking. So, today I will cook up extra beans and freeze them.  Tomorrow I will cook up a pot of rice to prepare for the week.  I will return to the tradition of cleaning and prepping what veggies I can after I shop.  I will seek out simple, healthy, meals for my family.  I will cook once and eat twice and I will find ways to work my crock pot back into my weekly rotation!  I will find ways to simultaneously nurture my family and myself, that will be my greatest task for 2011.

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  1. Beautiful!!!!
    You ROCK!!

    P.S. Louie made your taco seasoning last night--AWESOMENESS!! THANK YOU!!!!!!


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