Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gluten free Gingies

So serious in his decorating
Paulo loves gingerbread cookies, particularly those cut into "gingies". We baked and he decorated gingerbread man cookies last year for all his teachers so I knew we'd need to find a gluten free version for this year. Enter Karina and her wonderful site, Gluten Free Goddess. She posted a recipe a couple of weeks ago for gluten free gingersnap star cookies. With one minor alternation I followed her recipe to the letter. I did not use the nut flour that her recipe called for, there are nut allergies at Paulo's school and I didn't want to risk any exposure, I subbed in millet flour in it's place. 

Cookies for Santa, how could he resist such a face??

The recipe was very simple and straightforward.  We've now made three batches of the dough and have used a variety of shapes to cut them, plus on the last batch I used a small glass to cut them into little circles.  I have one more roll of dough to use up and I think I will freeze it and then slice it thin to get them as crispy as possible.  These will stay in the holiday rotation for sure!


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