Thursday, December 9, 2010

What's for lunch-Paulo

Little P has in his lunch today a tofutti cream cheese and orange marmalade jelly sandwich on Momma made gluten free honey oat bread.  A checkerboard apple, carrots and cucumbers cut into cute flowery shapes and some Kettle chips.  I also included a dish of vanilla rice yogurt and gluten free cereal for his morning snack.

I invested recently in some cute bento supplies.  I got an assortment of stainless steel cutters as well as some new silicone dishes.  I also bought an adorable two tier dish that I used this week for fruits and veggies. 

Pardon the poor quality picture, I'm in need of a new camera!
In this dish he has carrot and cucumber stars and olives on the bottom with some roasted red pepper sauce for a dip.  And on the top he has apple slices and pomegranate seeds with some marionberry coconut yogurt.  The dish, while adorable, turned out to not be very practical for him, they opened and spilled, his lunch box was a mess.  The cute container I bought for myself came with an elastic band to keep things closed, I think I will definitely be using some sort of band next time I give this to Paulo and I will omit the open dishes of dips.   I'm enjoying the cute factor, but really what matters is getting the cute into his belly right?  It's a work in progress! 
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