Saturday, August 14, 2010

The cake, an evaluation

I won't lie, it was heavy.  The layers were very thick, very dense.  I enjoyed the flavor but I missed the fluff of a gluten filled cake.  Paulo loved it.  He swears he didn't notice that it was heavy.  My husband was brave enough to agree with me when I said it was too dense. 

Now, the flavor was pretty good, I didn't notice anything odd about the sorghum flour, I've heard some reports that it can be a little bitter.  I loved the frosting and the lemon curd filling, those turned out perfect. 

I will try again, next weekend.  I will try something different though, I will borrow my mother in law's stand mixer and I will alter how I combine the ingredients to try to get more fluff in my batter.  I also think this cake may be best consumed the day it's baked, so I plan to bake it Saturday morning because I am throwing a birthday party for my oldest son.  There will be an alternative, gluten, egg and dairy filled cake there for the guests but, as last night, I want to be sure that there is something there that Paulo can eat.  Plus, I really want to take another crack at this cake baking!

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