Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1 out of 3

My morning news does a question of the day.  Today's question was "1 in 3 teenagers reported doing this, and the number is declining".  My immediate thought was sending snail mail.  Rene's was actually talking on the phone.

I was a little taken aback by the answer.  1 in 3 teenagers report eating with their parents!  So, only 33% of kids are eating dinner with their parents?  Really?! 

Having a regular family meal is important.  I know we're busy, I know our kids have activities, parents work nights, swing, anything they can to get by.  But it makes me sad that the family dinner table is becoming the stuff of myth and legend.  We're busy too, some nights we take the divide and conquer approach, i.e., Paulo eats with me and Dimitri with Rene.  But they each eat with one of us and 9 times out of 10 they're eating with both of us. 

We've made it a priority for our family and for information why click here or you can click here or even can click here.  There is no shortage of information out there on why it's important to sit down with little Timmy and Susie at the end of the day and debrief.  Ask questions, listen to the answers and provide feedback.  It might seem odd if you're one of the millions that have not been practicing the family meal but believe me it is worth every second of the effort you put in.  And like all new habits it gets easier and easier every time you do it.

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