Monday, November 29, 2010

Gluten free pumpkin pie

First a HUGE thank you to Karina at Gluten Free Goddess.  She may have singlehandedly made my son's first wheat and dairy free Thanksgiving a success!  Let's face it, when you're 6 it's all about the pie.  You do not care how long your Momma slaved over the turkey, you want your pie.  And when you can no longer eat Mrs. Smith's without running the risk of an ear or sinus infection you do not care, you still want your pie.

Enter Karina and one of the simplest pie recipes I've ever used, vegan gluten free pumpkin pie!

I'll save you from reading all the nitty gritty details, because really you should go over to Karina's website and look around, prepare to be inspired, she's an amazing cook and quite the entertaining blogger, but I will say that this recipe took about 5 minutes to prepare and involved only two kitchen items, three if you count the oven.  I needed my food processor and a glass pie plate, well and measuring spoons but really, who counts those?  In the interest of full disclosure, I used coconut milk, full fat, and I did not have bourbon vanilla so I used my regular old vanilla.

Paulo gave the pie 10 thumbs up, he was a very happy child on Thanksgiving night!


  1. I'm so glad little P got pie! YAY!!!!!
    We need to have dinner when I am back in town and things settle down after the holidays!!! :D

  2. Dinner for sure! Paulo was a happy boy with this pie. My brother actually said he liked it better than the store bought number. I will be making it again for Christmas time I have no doubt.

  3. That's my favorite pumpkin pie ever!! :-) Karina is so wonderful!

  4. Karina's recipes are all amazing. I have never made one that I didn't love.


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