Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Monthly menu planning

I just penciled out my first full month of menus.  I've been a menu planner for quite a while, I do agree that it helps keep cost down by reducing quick trips to the store and helps me be more efficient with my kitchen time.  But I usually plan week to week.  Now though I'm going to jump into monthly menu planning.  I printed off a blank September calendar and assigned a theme to each day of the week:
  • Sunday is a family feast, something that takes a little more time to prepare and can be re purposed for lunches like roasts.
  • Monday is our dedicated meatless day.
  • Tuesday is crock pot meals, Paulo has a late soccer practice on Tuesday so this is definitely good for my sanity.
  • Wednesday is our fiesta theme night
  • Thursday is left overs, again, soccer practice so I'm trying to make my life easier!
  • Friday will be a trip to the Orient for Asian style meals
  • Saturday we're off to experience the wonders of Italian Cuisine
I have no idea if this will actually work out for me in the long run.  I hope it does.  I hope it helps me cut down on both time and money-both of which are in short supply-but that remains to be seen.  This will be an experiment for me.  Part of my motivation for trying this is my nerves over the impending start to school.  Don't get me wrong, I love school, so does Paulo but when he goes back to school free time gets more precious and ever more scarce.  If I can shave a few minutes off my time in the kitchen we all benefit now won't we?

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