Monday, April 29, 2013

No time!? No more excuses!

Have you heard it?  The age old, if only I had more time...then I could eat healthy.... 

I hear it quite a bit, it's a very common excuse and, tough love coming, it's a load of bull.  I am a married, self employed mother of two who volunteers way too much at her son's school and if I can manage to get real food into me and my family three times a day, with minimal dining out,!  Let me also stipulate I do 100% of the cooking, even when my little dude wants to help, I'm still there monitoring the action and providing guidance.  I spend a lot of time planning, shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning up but I can-and have-gotten good, real food, nutritious meals on the table in under 15 minutes.

Let me ask you, is your health worth 15 minutes?  The answer should be a resounding yes!  Yet the no time refrain plays out over and over again in houses all over America.  No time for a real breakfast, just pop in some toaster waffles!  No time to make a healthy lunch, run through the drive thru!  No time to make dinner?  Yep, pizza delivery is on speed dial.  Let's face it, our society is not set up to help you achieve optimal health and wellness!  You have to be willing to fight for it and you must prioritize your health above convenience.  Is your health worth 15 minutes?

Wonder what a 15 minute breakfast looks like?

Inside of 15 minutes, with a little foresight and preplanning, I sat down to scrambled eggs with sautéed mushrooms and greens with sliced salami.  And it...was...good!  It was filling, it was satisfying and I was not hungry until I sat down to eat lunch at 1:00. 

Here's the breakdown with approximate times:
Minute 1: warm pan with coconut oil, slice mushrooms, get pre chopped kale (thank you Trader Joe's) and previously separated Brussels sprout leaves out of the fridge.
Minute 3: add veggies to the pan, cover, and sauté until soft, sprinkle with sea salt or seasoning of your choice when warm, transfer to plate and return the pan to the stove when done.
Minute 10: crack eggs into the pan and scramble, slice salami
Plate it all, sit down and enjoy breakfast with your family. 

You can do this! 

A good meal of high quality protein and abundant vegetables with quality fats does not have to take you forever to prepare.  Yes, a quick search for Paleo fare on the internet can pull up countless gourmet, beautiful, high maintenance dishes and if you have the time to invest in getting one of those culinary experiences on to your plate and in your belly go for it!  But the reality is we all lead busy lives, but being busy does not have to mean not eating well.

What's your favorite go to meal that can be prepared in less than 15 minutes?  Have you found ways to cut corners and save yourself time in the kitchen without sacrificing great health or are you a slave to the stove?  A little planning and a lot of prep go a long way to getting you in and out of the kitchen and on with the business of life!

Happy eating to all and to all a good life!

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