Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby bok choy

Let's face it, baby veggies are cute! I bought a package of these little cutie pies last week with no real plan in place for getting them out of the fridge and into our bodies.

I like bok choy, but it can easily become too slimy for my gag reflex if steamed, sauteed or boiled.  So I decided to try grilling them.  I love grilled veggies.  The grill makes just about any vegetable disappear quicker!

Last night I washed them well, removed any blemished outer leaves and cut them lengthwise.  (Leave the tough stem intact, that way your bok choy won't fall apart on the grill.)  With a drizzle olive oil on the each half and a generous seasoning of sea salt and they were ready for the heat.

When my meat was close to flipping I added the 6 bok choy halves.  (The bok choy leaves can burn easily so keep an eye on them.)  Once they were nicely charred I flipped them for another couple minutes.  Really, they probably take less then 2 minutes per side.  I removed them from the grill and when it was time to serve sliced off the tough stem on each and cut up the white part for the boys-yes they both ate it.  I ate the leafy green part too but I like charred veggies.

Some variations: you could use sesame or peanut oil instead of olive oil.  You could also season with some garlic, dip or drizzle some soy sauce after cooking or make a nice ginger sauce to marinate them in.  Hmmm, a spicy ginger sauce, that has potential! 

So what is the nutritional benefit for this little gem?  It will give you a good dose of Vitamin C and a decent hit of Calcium and also has Vitamin A all wrapped up in one itty bitty veggie.  As an added bonus, it tastes great! 

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